We are aligned with patent and trade mark attorneys to protect any creation you might have. By connecting the dots between Branding, Marketing and Product Design, we ensure that your idea is created to the highest quality.


Create and protect a brand.

Branding service summary

A Brand Search discovers existing online brands and domains. This helps you determine a brand strategy based on the existing brandscape by identifying existing brands / domains being occupied, preventing you from enduring costs associated with rebranding.

A Brand Strategy Workshop is a collaborative session where key stakeholders come together to analyse, define, and shape the brand’s identity, values, positioning, and goals. It helps align the brand’s vision and create a roadmap for effective brand development and communication.

Branding identity is the visual and conceptual representation of a brand. It encompasses the logo, colours, typography, imagery, and overall design elements that create a distinct and memorable brand image and evoke desired perceptions and emotions.

Product Design

Bring your idea to life.

Product Design summary

Concept Workshop

A Concept Workshop is a collaborative session where participants brainstorm, explore, and develop ideas and concepts for a specific project or problem. It fosters creativity, encourages diverse perspectives, and generates innovative solutions.

Concept Definition

Concept Definition is the process of clearly articulating and refining a specific idea or notion. It involves identifying its key elements, purpose, scope, and desired outcomes, providing a clear understanding of the concept’s meaning and intent.

3D Modelling & Visualisation is the process of creating digital representations of objects or environments in three dimensions. It involves using specialised software to build and manipulate virtual models for various applications in industries such as animation, architecture, and product design.

Patent drawings are visual representations, typically in the form of drawings or diagrams, that accompany a patent application. They provide a visual description of the invention, highlighting its features, structure, and functionality to support the written claims and enhance understanding by patent examiners.


Stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Marketing summary

3D Renders are realistic images created using 3D modelling software. They can provide a visual representation that closely resembles the final product or design. 3D renders are commonly used in architecture, product design and advertising for visualisation and promotional purposes.

Animation is the art of bringing objects and characters to life through a sequence of images. It creates the illusion of motion, captivates audiences, and effectively communicates stories and ideas through dynamic visuals.

Videography involves capturing and recording moving images on video. It utilises cameras, composition techniques, lighting, and editing to create visually compelling videos for various purposes such as storytelling, communication, and documentation.

Brochures and Catalogues

Brochures and Catalogues are printed marketing materials that provide concise information about products, services, or information. Brochures offer condensed highlights, while catalogues showcase a comprehensive range of offerings to attract and inform customers.

Website development is the process of creating and building functional websites. It involves designing the layout, coding the necessary components, integrating interactive elements, and ensuring usability and responsiveness for optimal user experience across devices.

Powerpoint Presentations
Powerpoint presentations are visual tools for effective communication, combining text, graphics, and multimedia elements to deliver concise and engaging messages, making complex information more understandable during meetings and presentations.
IM and Pitch Decks

IMs (Information Memorandums) and pitch decks are crucial documents used in business and investment contexts. IMs provide comprehensive information about a company or investment opportunity, while pitch decks succinctly highlight key points to persuade and attract potential investors or stakeholders.

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