About Us

Having worked at some of the worlds most recognised design, intellectual property, and strategy consulting firms, we realised these traditional models failed to deliver for our clients and needed to change.

Vertex Design puts you in the middle; we connect these dots, provide solution-based services, leaving clients better off than when we found them.

Creatively Intelligent.

Being creatively intelligent with a commercial sense allows us to generate ideas that not only inspire, but to also drive commercial success and deliver tangible value in today’s market.


We operate at an optimal size that allows flexibility, agility, and responsiveness to your needs, ensuring efficient operations, adaptability, thus giving us a competitive advantage.

We know IP.

Working alongside intellectual property firms, we possess deep knowledge and expertise in intangible concepts which maximise the value of our clients’ intangible assets.


We collaborate with a network of premium service providers. Through these, we deliver exceptional design solutions, leveraging the expertise and resources of our trusted network for superior results.

been there.

Our team has successfully launched industry-leading products. We combine innovative thinking, meticulous design, and market insights to create game-changing solutions that redefine industries.


A lot of our work is eligible for grants and rebates. Our innovative designs and sustainable solutions align with funding programs, providing opportunities for financial support and incentives.

What we do

Our speed and go-to-market expertise gives our clients a powerful competitive advantage. Our industry-leading frameworks help clients understand the relationship between design and industry.

Our team have worked with hundreds of innovations, brands and concepts, allowing us to understand what it takes to define and position product concepts in the right direction, our services often attract eligible grants and rebates. We speed up our clients commercialisation through our rapid360 program

The rapid360 is a community of closely collaborating companies, offering guidance throughout the entire commercialisation process from concept to product.





Design Strategy

Concept Prototyping

Industrial Design



Branding and Marketing can be done during both Concept Prototyping and Industrial Design stages.

Vertex Design Australia

1/186 Hampden Road, Nedlands WA 6009

ABN 73 632 589 050