Product Design

An  innovative
framework for success.
Every product starts with an idea. To ensure your product has the best chance of success, we use our Discover, Design DevelopTM innovation cycle to refine your idea into a cutting-edge product.
Our  Discover, Design, DevelopTM cycle.



A problem half-stated is a problem half-solved. To ensure your product is solving the right problem, we adopt a step-by-step approach methodology that identifies the purpose and audience of your product.



Upon understanding your concept, we can begin to visualise your idea in the form of a minimum viable product (MVP) to gain a good understanding – the design, look, and feel of your product is equally as important as its functionality.



Developing the right delivery strategies is critical to your success. Our approach is to seamlessly integrate the prototyping, production, and product sourcing processes. We then ensure these are aligned with IP protection and government rebates to maximise the chance of success.





Client Briefing

1. Understand your needs.

We start with a discovery session where you tell us about your product concept. This is to gain a thorough understanding of the project scope and gather all required information to put together a proposal for your product concept.

Research & Analysis

2. Gain insights and analysis.

We research areas around your business, including the market, potential users, and trends within the industry. We analyse the research and collate key insights, and translate these into challenges and opportunities when conceptualising your product.

Concept Definition

3. Conceptualise your ideas.

Research and analysis is combined with our creative processes to develop concepts, based on a well-informed vision of your product’s direction.