Who says you can't move a mounting?

We helped Skymount from concept to prototype creation through our product design process, allowing them to showcase the edge they have over existing mounting technologies that currently exist today.

Product Design

Design Strategy
3D Visualisation
3D Prototyping
Patent Illustration
Product Engineering

Branding & Marketing

Branding Identity
Web & Digital

The Project

Multi-purpose Mounting.

Skymount™ is a patent pending innovative solution that allows the mounting and dismounting of fire devices to be made at ease. We helped Skymount™ with its Prototyping, Product Visualisation, and Branding Identity. To start, we helped advanced GrogDog’s™ product with CAD software to create a 3D visualisation of the expected finished product. This allowed us to fine tune mechanical aspects of the design.

3D Animation and Videography

Bringing it to life

Upon finalising the product concept and design, we then took an approach of visualising the actual engagement of the product as if it were to be a real life scenario. A 3D animation demonstrating how the product is set up, mounted and dismounted was created.

Branding Identity

Branding Skymount.

To prepare Skymount™ for its commercialisation stage, we were commissioned to create their branding identity. Playing on the words ‘sky’ and ‘mount’, we came up with a unique design which resembles a mountain but at the same time captures within the design, the devices’ application when being mounted.