Patent Drawings

Illustrates an invention’s design, structure, or functionality to provide a clearer understanding for examiners and the public.


What is it?

Patent drawings are visual representations that accompany patent applications, playing a crucial role in the patenting process. They serve to depict an invention’s design, structure, or functionality in a clear and detailed manner.

They contribute to the disclosure of the invention and enable patent examiners to assess its novelty and inventiveness.

Overall, patent drawings enhance the comprehension and evaluation of inventions, supporting the patent system’s objective of promoting innovation and protecting intellectual property.

The work

What is involved in a patent drawing?

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Following the Patent Office Guidelines

We adhere to the specific guidelines and requirements of the patent office where the application will be filed. These guidelines may include specific formats, line thickness, shading techniques, and file types.

Creation of Detailed Drawings

We create detailed and accurate drawings using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Attention is paid to ensure correct representation of the invention’s components.

Review of Patent Drawings with your Patent Attorney

To ensure the drawings correctly depict the patent, we will cross-check with your patent attorney to make sure they are correct.


What do I get from this?

Upon completion, we send you and your Patent Attorney a copy of the drawings in .PDF format.


How much will this cost?

Please contact us for pricing.

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