3D Renders

Provides realistic representations for design visualisation, communication, and various industries like architecture, gaming, and film.


What is it?

3D renders are computer-generated images that simulate the appearance of three-dimensional objects or environments. They are created using specialised software and techniques, creating a better form of communication by presenting realistic representations of objects and spaces.

3D renders aid in cost and time savings by minimising the need for physical prototypes, allowing for frequent design improvements, and supporting effective marketing and promotional materials.

The work

What is the process?

We can break the render process into 3 distinct sections, Modelling, Texturing and Lighting.

Creating a 3D Render involves several steps that may vary based on individual requirements. These steps serve as a general guideline, but additional ones may be necessary depending on your specific needs.


Creating realistic 3D renders requires meticulous attention to detail and quality. At Vertex Design, we specialise in modelling your product or idea with precision, ensuring every component, from nuts to bolts, is accurately represented. Additionally, we offer the option to enhance your existing 3D models for improved realism.
After achieving a lifelike model, we proceed to the next step: texturing.


In the rendering process, texturing plays a crucial role in achieving a realistic and accurate representation of your product or idea. At this stage, materials are applied to the lifelike 3D model, ensuring a faithful appearance. Various essential lighting conditions are created, ensuring accuracy regardless of the lighting environment.
After achieving lifelike materials, we move on to lighting for the final render.


Lighting is a pivotal element in the rendering process, contributing to the realism and accuracy of your 3D model. By strategically setting up lighting conditions, we ensure that your product or idea is showcased authentically, capturing its true form and appearance. This meticulous approach guarantees accurate representation across various mediums. During this process materials may be tinkered with, otherwise we are ready to export.


What do I get in the end?

The deliverables of a 3D Render typically include a final .png file at various resolutions and compressions. These files ensure compatibility across various devices and platforms, allowing for smooth loading and optimal visual quality for print digital viewing. However, if you require a specific file type, such as .tiff or .jpeg we are happy to cater.

  • .PNG file (compatible image file for universal viewing)


How much will this cost?

Pricing can vary depending on the complexity and quality of the 3D Render. Please contact us for pricing as it varies depending on the complexity of your render.

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