Branding Identity

Branding identity encompasses the visual and verbal elements that define a brand, creating a recognisable and cohesive representation of its essence and values.


What is it?

Branding identity is the collection of visual and verbal elements that distinguish and represent a brand. It includes the logo, colour palette, typography, tone of voice, and overall aesthetic, creating a consistent and memorable brand image that connects with the target audience and conveys the brand’s essence and values.

The work

What work will be done?

Creation of the Logomark, Wordmark, or both.

Upon completion of the Brand Strategy Workshop, we have enough information to create a visually appealing logo. This can either come in the form of or a logomark, wordmark, or both. We specialise more in wordmarks, and these are generally cheaper in price.

  • Logomark – A logomark is a distinct and recognizable symbol or graphic element used as a standalone logo. It is a visual representation of a brand that doesn’t include any accompanying text. 
  • Wordmark – A wordmark, also known as a logotype, is a logo that consists primarily of text, typically the brand name or a distinct word or phrase. It focuses on typography and stylized lettering to create a unique visual representation of the brand. Examples of famous wordmarks include Coca-Cola, Google, and FedEx.


Depending on your budget and requirements, guidelines can be as simple as a wordmark/logo specification sheet, something in-between like a style guide, and all the way to fully comprehensive branding guidelines.

Below are examples of what you may find in each type of guide.

Logo Specifications

Logo specifications are the simplest from of deliverables, giving you certain specifications of the logomark or wordmark.

Style Guide

Style guides are a bit more comprehensive, and sets out a bit more than just specifications for the logo only. It also specifies branding colours and typography.

Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines fully encompass your brand, from understanding your audience all the way to how your brand is applied on different mediums.


What are the deliverables?

Upon completion of the branding identity, you’ll be armed with all the documents and files needed to showcase your amazing brand.

  • Logo files (all variations as well as various industry standard formats of each variant)
  • Branding guidelines/specifications/style guide


How much will this cost?

Every brand is different and has different needs. Smaller clients would expect to see branding identity starting at $4,500 for a Wordmark with Logo Specifications. Style Guides typically start around $7,500 and Branding Guidelines start at $15,000.

Larger clients and established businesses typically have more requirements and materials to consider, especially within Branding Guidelines. These often fall within the $25k – $75k mark.

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