Brand Search

Identify existing brands/domains being occupied, to prevent you from enduring costs associated with rebranding.


What is it?

Social media has completely revolutionised the landscape of business. With the prevalence of social media platforms, household names like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have enabled brands to increase significantly in value becoming highly scalable intangible assets.

A Brand Search discovers existing online brands and domains. Our services are designed to make the check and reservation of brand names simple.

The work

What does a brand search consist of?

We can break a standard Brand Search into 2 sections: Social Media and Domains.

Social Media

We search and return a list of social media sites showing whether your name has been taken up for them.


We run through a list of Top Level Domains (TLDs) and do a check to see whether your name has been taken.


What do I get from this?

Upon completion of the Brand Search, you are presented with a document outlining the availability of the social media sites and domains for your chosen name.


How much will this cost?

A standard Brand Search starts at $200.

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