A simpler way to pay.

We helped PollenPay with the Product Design of their mobile app, along with the design aspects of an Information Memorandum to raise capital.

Product Design


PollenPay is creating an easy way for everyone to pay for everyday items using both traditional fiat and cryptocurrencies with ease. Their ultimate vision is for any asset to be as spendable and mainstream as a traditional currency. We were engaged in the Product Design of their app, creation of their Information Memorandum, and built their website to match the visual elements already established in the branding designed for them by Humaan.

We initially had a discovery session with PollenPay to understand what stage they were at, who their target market is, and how they intend to bring their idea to market. We then approached the task of designing their app through personification of users, user flows, and task flows. We were then able to create low fidelity wireframes to illustrate these flows, which are the design core of the PollenPay app.

Our design strategy is based upon user centred design principles, and prioritises the user. The clarity and ease-of-use communicates the function of a digital wallet to anybody using PollenPay’s app. High fidelity mockups were created to show what the app will potentially look to a user.

We designed Pollenpay’s marketing materials and Information Memorandum, in preparation for its pre-token generation event.

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