Green Energy

Moma Solar

Solar lighting solutions.

Moma Solar is an Australian manufacturer who is a national provider of renewable lighting solutions, specialising in Solar LED lighting products. They offer a large variety of products, with both permanent and temporary solar lighting solutions. Their main focus is developing sustainable solutions at an affordable price, striving for positive environmental change.

Product Design


Vertex Design was introduced to Moma Solar to create some new and unique marketing material. Moma Solar’s “Pop Ups” are interchangeable, compact and lightweight street and site lighting solution. Their mission was to visualise the Pop Ups as they currently look, and in more environmentally appealing colours.

To ensure we brought the vision to life, we worked closely with Moma Solar every step of the way and came up with a plan to take images of existing places around Western Australia and digitally place the Pop Up into the scene.

Together, Vertex Design and Moma Solar selected three sites where their systems could be seen and used in a practical manner.Moma Solar’s current safety colour would be targeted at the mining and construction industries.
For Rottnest, we’d use a grey, and for Fremantle, a limestone.
Vertex Design used a process known as compositing to produce the Pop Ups in 3D and insert them into an already-existing image.

The final appearance you see here was built using numerous layers and Moma Solar’s feedback.

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