Vertex Design was challenged to deliver an outstanding product with both functionality and design.

Brad Bartlett, the founder and director of Meshmate, came to Vertex Design with a huge problem – and an elegant idea. In the field of underground drilling, you will typically need to set up temporary barricade fencing. This set-up is pain-staking, inefficient and wasteful. Brad believed that there should be a much easier way – but he couldn’t find any existing solution. So, armed with a vision and a clear conviction, Brad came to us.


Product Design

Vertex Design was challenged to deliver an outstanding product with both high functionality and beautiful design. To reach these two outcomes, we went through the phases of discovery, design, and development to create a product that surpassed the existing products in site safety.

From basic concept drawings through to final 3D renders, we worked hand-in-hand with Brad to create a market-leading product. The creative process was constantly informed by real world applications, ensuring that the output was practical, long-lasting and user-friendly.

By working across the whole lifecycle of the product ideation, iteration and ultimately its creation, we were able to help ensure both quality and useability.

The product is a cleverly designed, durable plastic sleeve that fits over star pickets, leaving no sharp edges for optimal safety. The MeshMate unique barrier system allows secure safety zone set-ups in less than a quarter of the time of the existing industry practices. By ridding the process of disposable plastic cable ties, the Meshmate solution also significantly reduces waste.

MeshMate™ is designed to speed up the process of installing mesh safety barriers on worksites. A sleeve is applied over existing posts and mesh is attached to the product. We helped MeshMate™ by using our Discover, Design, DevelopTM innovation process in order to deliver an outstanding product with both functionality and aesthetics in design.

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