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As one of Australia’s newest Independent Intellectual Property firms, we helped Integrated IP with their Branding Identity, along with the design of their Website and a 3D walk through of their new office.



We were challenged to create a fresh but respected brand identity for a leading intellectual property firm, Integrated IP (IIP). Vertex Design worked with the founders to develop a finely-tuned brand that simultaneously spoke to the pedigree of the team and the superiority of its modern operations. 

The development of the brand identity came out of workshops with the founders where we lead the team through a smart design cycle – identifying the firm’s strengths and position the brand to best leverage market opportunities. 

By closely collaborating with the founders and learning more about their key clients, Vertex was able to create a compelling name, logo and website that showcased their unique value proposition. 

The most important asset of IIP is their people. We knew that they needed website profiles that dramatically highlighted the depth of expertise across the team. We worked with a world-renown photographer, Jarrad Seng, and secured a location that spoke to IIP’s Perth heritage and the intellectual prowess of its people. The library of St George’s College at the University of Western Australia was a perfect pick. 

The end result was polished photography that underlined the trustworthiness and talent of IIP’s people.

In order to visualise their new Nedlands office, Integrated IP needed some assistance. In collaboration with Pennant Construction, we were able to create, design, and animate a walk-through video using layout drawings. Giving them the assurance they need to move the construction along.

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