Be the person your dog thinks you are.

We helped GrogDog from concept to prototype creation. Six months in the making and they have been in discussions for commercialisation of their product with one of the world’s largest breweries.

Product Design


Our team worked across the full gamut of creative design, including: Product Design, CAD Development, Product Visualisation, Prototyping, and Manufacturing. 

We lived and breathed every design element of GrogDog and ensured that both practicality and personality shone through on their branding and marketing. We developed GrogDog’s product with CAD software to create 3D visualisations of the expected finished product. 

These sophisticated rendering allowed the product and engineering team to fine-tune and perfectly calibrate the mechanical aspects of the design.

A manufacturer was sourced and a prototype was created using stainless steel.

“The Vertex team were instrumental in getting GrogDog to market at the high level of quality we aspired to. Their ability to help across multiple fronts and intelligently dove-tail the efforts on the design of the product with the brand design itself was superb. Our tails were wagging the whole time!” Director, GrogDog.

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