We are Krama™

Founded in the state of Victoria, Krama™ is a technology licensing company that commercialises innovative detection devices to monitor conveyor wear.  Its Failure Detection Device is a self-powered, standalone product that is easy to install and provides easy-to-identify visual signals for personnel across any type of mine-site. A detection device that is radically simple, self-sustainable and plays nice with any type of conveyor.

Product Design

3D Modelling
Patent Illustrations


Branding Identity


3D Renders

The Process

Krama needed a brand identity as simple and as smart as its product. With a focus on crystal-clear clarity, we partnered with Krama to create an eye-catching brand and website to match.

Vertex Design was brought in to help Krama create a compelling brand identity and produce its key go-to-market asset – a beautiful website. To ensure we brought the vision to life, we worked closely with its founder and inventor, Sagar Saini.

With the core values of simplicity and pragmatism being at the forefront of the creative process, we created an elegant wordmark optimised for both digital and print. As the Krama™ Failure Detection device is all about reducing complexity, we knew we had to create something pared back and restrained.

We are Krama™

In addition to our brand work, we brought the identity to life on a polished website. Interspersed throughout this modern website, we created and placed 3D renders of the product. This ensures that clients and prospects can immediately get a sense for the real-world benefits of the product.